Jojees is open initiative by Joji VJ which primarily emphasizes on the embedded systems related to Linux platform. Here you'll be finding resources related/required for one to initiate your interest or career into embedded systems.

     After all these years of training provided to both corporate and retail sectors, what I could find is Linux is a product which cannot be trained using one single text book. Since the need to use Linux varies as per the domain, training has to be designed according to the domain requirements. So under the training section, you'll find training materials required for various domains.

     Soon or later Jojees will also be hosting projects related to Linux based embedded systems. These projects will be of great deal to students of various disciplines like Computer Science, Information Science, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical and Medical Science.

Recommended Books

O'Reilly Media Steven Levithan, Jan Goyvaerts Regular Expressions Cookbook 
O'Reilly Media Arnold Robbins, Elbert Hannah, Linda Lamb Learning the vi and Vim Editors 
Prentice Hall Ellie Quigley UNIX(R) Shells by Example 
O'Reilly Media Dale Dougherty, Arnold Robbins Sed & Awk (2nd Edition) 
Wiley Randal K. Michael Mastering Unix Shell Scripting 
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Interesting Links

Tomcat Console Administrator 
Application Response Monitoring 
Logix Programming in Python 
Successful Lisp 
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General Documents

  • 2178383-IT-Career-Paths.pdf   398k - Mar 16, 2011, 10:44 PM by Joji Johny (v1)
    ‎IT Career Paths‎
  • Building your own memory manager for C-C++ projects.pdf   95k - Jan 11, 2011, 9:50 PM by Joji Johny (v1)
    ‎Performance optimization of code is serious business. It's fairly common to see a piece of functionally correct software written in C or C++ that takes way too much memory, time, or, in the worst case, both. As a developer, one of the most powerful tools that C/C++ arms you with to improve processing time and prevent memory corruption is the control over how memory is allocated or deallocated in your code. This tutorial demystifies memory management concepts by telling you how to create your very own memory manager for specific situations. Source: IBM‎
  • Programming Competency Matrix   0k - Dec 16, 2010, 4:15 AM by Joji Johny (v2)
    ‎Competency matrix document can be used to evaluate an individual(s) level on the programming skills. Thanks to "Starling Softwares" for providing the excellent document.‎
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