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Operation and Maintenance

Operating System Maintenance and Administration Services

Planning, customizing and installation.
Disk partitioning & configuration
User Access Control Administration
Maintenance of the systems databases
Installation and configuration of applications
Maintenance of system files. Managing system backups
Patching and Security Upgradations
Operating System Network Access and Security Audit
Application Access Control Administration
Performance Tuning and Monitoring
Scripting and automatizing administration

Hardware Administration and Maintenance Services

Planning, Procurement, Desiging and Installation
Providing new equipment out of the box, assembling, testing, acceptance, cabinet shelves,
hardware configuration, manufacturer’s warranty registration, etc.
Troublehooting & Replacement of Faulty Units
Upgrading the components as situation demands
Monitoring Hardware performance
Equipment condition inspection and daily reporting
Provides hardware spare parts, Standby service
Managing Vendor for manufacturer warranty, repair assistance and other issues

Database Administration and Maintenance Services

Planning, Desiging and Installation.
User Management and Adminstration
Implementation of Multiclustered Database Environments
High Availabilty, Performance and Load Sharing Systems
Backup, Recovery and Data space Management
Performance Monitoring and Optimization
Log Audits and Maintenance
Application load optimization
Implementing, Managing and Auditing Data Security
Error reporting and Alerting Systems and Troubleshooting
Routine Query Management
On-Site and Remote Support

Middleware System Administration and Maintenance Services

Design, Customization and Installation of Application and Web servers
Context and Domain Creation
Problem Diagnosis, Resolution and Administration
Security and Change Implementation
Managing the Middleware Products on various OS Platforms
Administration of User and Application Access
Performance Tuning and Application Optimization
Migration and Re-location of Application across the Web Stack
Back up and Storage Management of Middleware Products
Implementing High-Availability and Performance Clusters
On-Site and Remote support of the Middleware Stack
Monitoring and Reporting

Communications Medium Administration and Maintenance Services

Customization and Implementation of Communication Services
Authorization and Administration of Users
Virus, Malware and Spam Control
Implementation of High Available Clustered Communication Environments
OnSite and OffSite Implementation
Email Archiving and Communication Logging
Implementation of Voice and Mobile Support
Monitoring Services of various Communication servers
Providing collaboration facilities across applications

Storage Administration and Maintenance Services

Implementation of Storage protocols/standards
Administration of both Online and Offline Storage
Management of IDE, ATA, SATA, SAS, AoE, SCSI, iSCSI, PCI Express, etc.,
Data Migration between SAN and NAS environments
Data Archiving, Retrieval and Encryption
Monitoring File Sharing patterns and load optimization
Data compression and Data Vaulting
Data Backup and Mirroring
Integration of Storage Systems to Virtualized/Cloud Environments

Datacenter Management

Designing and Building DataCenters both local and Remote locations
Proactive Real-Time monitoring on all levels
Incident handling and Reporting Mechanisms
Usage of Industry complaint Standards and Best practises
Ticket and Voice system management
DataCenter consolidation, Migration and Automation mechanisms
Regular Health Check of various devices in DataCenter
ITIL framework-based delivery approach
Provisioning servers, storage, management utilities, etc.,
Systems usage management/license metering
Application performance management
Capacity and load planning

Desktop Support and Troubleshooting

Hardware installation, configuration and upgrading
Hardware fault diagnosis and repair and maintenance, including replacement of parts
Software installation, configuration, upgrades and troubleshooting
Desktop OS Administration, updating the virus definition files, etc.,
Monitoring system usage to determine the right hardware for the task
Application software installation, configuration, upgrades, and troubleshooting
Daily monitoring, virus removal, software backup, trend prediction and system optimization, etc.
Determining the needs and specifications of hardware and software
Providing the support and guidance for the upgrade and migration plan, etc.
The problem which cannot be solve by phone support will be resolved by the engineers on site, generally above 2 hours
Online Support Engineer